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Our Mission

We at Surfganic Surfboards only want one thing! We want you to have a perfect travel buddy who will guarantee you an incredible time in and around the water. A Magicboard, which is tailored to your weight, size, ski level, your future goals and the waves you want to surf with it.
The great thing about our surfboards is that they are environmentally friendly and manufactured in Germany.
We make your Eco Surfboard handcrafted made in Germany.

About our Products

We at Surfganic Surfboards have limited the supply of our main products to regional suppliers, because environmental protection is very important in our company and plays a central role. We only use organic / eco epoxy. We only use the highest quality products for our boards. Due to the high quality of our products, the high-quality processing by the vacuum process and our new tempering chamber, we get the maximum out of the materials used. Due to the longevity of our boards we achieve great results when it comes to sustainability. But keep in mind: We can't give a guarantee that a board will snappt/break, because incredible forces can affect a board. We don't save on material because our boards are left with 16 oz basalt on the deck and 10 oz basalt on the bottom. Since basalt fabric doesn't absorb as much resin as glass fabric, our boards are very light and stronger than traditional surfboards. We are proud to manufacture Eco Surfboards made in Germany.
With us everything is manual work:

handcraft is our passion  

Our Shaper

my name is Stefan ´´Steve Gut´´ Grett. Born in 1981.
Surfing is my great passion. Through many journeys and a longer stay in New Zealand, I got to know many nice people. I got the opportunity to work in a few Shapingrooms worldwide, to gain a lot of impressions of long time Shapers.
Learning from the best.

I started to shape surfboards under the name Unique Surf for friends and acquaintances. My workshop - an attic. The demand for our boards increased and so the brand Lani-G Surfboards was born. After four years of Lani-G Surfboards the capacity has reached its limits and we were allowed to expand and now produce our surfboards on over 100 sqm production area.
Since 2018 we produce all boards for Surfganic Surfboards.
Quality is the foundation of our success.

My motto:
The best surfer is not the one with the best skills, but the one with the most fun.

I am very happy if I can make your personal Magicboard for you, no matter which level of skills you currently have, how hard you slit the waves or if you are surfing a green wave at the moment.

Cheers Hang Loose
Your Steve


established in January 2015

Foundet as Lani-G-Surfboards 2014 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany
Founder Stefan Grett alias Steve Gut

first surfboard created under the name unique surf

Mai 2014
founded Lani-G-Surfboards

Mai 2014
Main Release Website

Juni 2015
First stringerless Surfboard

Dezember 2015
Create a eight Board Boardrange

August 2016
extension of the boardrange up to 24 Boards

August 2016
redesign website

Oktober 2016
First Boardtestcenter in San Vicente

Oktober 2016
Introduction of the vacuum bagging process

January 2018
Surfganic Eco Surfshop

April 2018
re-launch Website

Mai 2018
Relocation to the new  120 sm/qm workshop

Mai 2018
Switch to Eco/Bio Epoxy

Mai 2018
tempering of the Boards for better utlization of material properties

Mai 2018
alliance with www.Lani-G-Surfboards.com

June 2018
developed Cork VGX Technology

August 2018
New Boardrange

August 2018
New Teamrider Alex

Februar 2019
New Teamrider Jasmin and Stephan

Februar 2019
presentation our new Boost VGX Technology

Team - Surfganic Surfboards
one family - one way - one common goal

Surfganic Teamrider

We would like to introduce you to our team riders.

Partners and Cooperation

Here we would like to introduce you to our partners, with whom we work together.

We would like to introduce you the Aloha Surf Academy Fuerteventura as a partner. We met Alex and his family (Sophie, Nayra and Maui) on Fuerte and soon noticed that our interests are on the same wavelength. The closeness to nature, the love for the sea and a great desire to protect our environment.
Alex founded his surf school a few years ago on Fuerteventura.
The Aloha Surf Academy offers highly professional surf lessons for surfers and prospective surfers who really want to learn surfing with all its facets. The professionally designed course is just as convincing as the loving care of every single participant.
Surf skating before the actual surf course is just as much a part of the compulsory program as a freesurfing session after the course.
If you still feel like it afterwards, you can stop off with the whole troupe in a chilly restaurant to let the day pass in review in a cosy atmosphere and listen to Alex with one of his countless exciting stories.
At the Aloha Surf Academy you can feel the Hawaiian vibes.

Buchungen unter:

Mobile & WhatsApp +34 650 503 054

Mobile +34 680 507 640

Phone +34 928 854 337

Monday to Sunday: 10:00- 19:00

Stokers.surf is a promising and still relatively new German surf blog for all Landlocked and Surf Virus infected people among you. Which probably applies to every German surfer. ;) Stokers.surf has been on the web since the end of 2017 and is now a big platform with lots of useful information and tips for surfing.
Stokers.surf has not only interesting blog articles to offer, but has also developed a unique and very practical online tool for surf camp search, the "Surftrip-Planer".  With the help of various filter options, surfers can quickly and easily find the right surf camp or surf house for their next surf holiday. There are filters like "Destination country", "Travel period", "Type of accommodation", "Your current surf level", "Yoga on offer", "Suitable for families", "Free WLan", "Airport pick-up service". This simplifies the search for the right surf camp or surf house enormously. The best thing is to try it out for yourself.

The Stokers.surf team is also very concerned about environmental protection and the protection of the oceans. This fact has also brought Stokers and Surfganic together as partners, which we are very happy about.
But see for yourself what else there is to discover on Stokers.surf - everything interesting about surfing.


We're always looking for motivated people to join us in our team. We’re especially interested if you share our love of Surfing, our passion for the nature, quality and our desire to create somthing special.
If you are interested in any of the positions listed here, write us an email: jobs@surfganic.com
Due to the large volume of applications we receive, the process can take some time, so we appreciate your patience.
We work very hard to minimize our impacts on the environment, and we strongly believe that one person’s actions can make a difference. In keeping with these values, please be sensitive to environmental concerns when preparing your application. As an alternative to mailing your materials, we encourage you to be as thorough as possible when completing the online application process, attaching a résumé, cover letter and any other additional materials only where necessary to enhance the body of your work.
Thank you for your interest in our work,

Please send us your special cover letter, CV and resume. Feel free, be freaky and special, but be always professional. We are looking foreward to your application. jobs@surfganic.com

be one with the nature
Team Surfganic

We are looking for

future Shaper

We are looking for Teamrider 2020

1 x Teamrider female

1 x Teamrider male

Would you like to join our Surfganic Surfboard Team?
Here is your chance!

What you need to bring with you:

Your sport is more than just a passion?
You travel a lot, have already collected material from your skills (film/photo)?
You should spend at least 3 months a year surfing at the sea.

How can I apply?

Apply now with a video or photos as well as a meaningful text.
The jury will testify about your skills, your talent, your style and your personality.
Your age is completely unimportant!
Whether you are an aspiring young Grom or an 80 year old longboarder who has stayed young, the chances are the same for everyone.
Competition experience is an advantage, but not a main criterion.
You should love and respect your environment. To stand up for them and to lead by example. Go Green and be one with the nature!

Until 31.09.2018 you have the time to apply for a sponsorship.
(How this sponsoring will look like, we will discuss with selected applicants personally)

Please send your application to:

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