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Our Piranha

generates an inimitable acceleration after your turns - the speed you need to stand up to radical maneuvers and tricks. It's one of the most radical riverboards on the market with trout. This perfectly balanced rivershape with a modern shortboard bottom rail connection gives you a very agile and direct ride. In order to fully exploit the potential of this board, you should be an advanced river surfer who has a dynamic surf style or wants to push his surf style in this direction. The perfect shape for all those who have high demands on performance and flow on their riverboard.

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Buy our Piranha riverboard:

Piranha Kork III VGX
799.99 €
Piranha Basalt I VGX
599.99 €
Piranha Boost II VGX
699.99 €
The Piranha for 75 € extra and save :

Surfboard Package
74.99 € 149.99 €
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