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Our Rapid Arrow

is an allround river surfboard for all skill levels and wave strengths, whether on the E2, rafting area, Jochen Schweizer Arena, Langenfeld or Hasewelle in Osnabrück, but also looks great on the Eisbach, E1, Havelwelle, Leinewelle.
This great all-rounder is the Riversurfboard for everyone! Whether you are at the beginning of your river surfing career, want to practice tricks and jumps or improve your technique. The slightly wider nose and the balanced shape make this board very forgiving. The well thought out bottom contour accelerates the board to the speed you need for the heaviest maneuvers.
This all-rounder is the right choice on the way to high performance surfing on the river waves of this world.

Konstruktions Optionen:

Buy our Rapid Arrow Riverboard:

Rapid Arrow Basalt I VGX
599.99 €
Rapid Arrow Boost II VGX
699.99 €
Rapid Arrow Kork III VGX
799.99 €
The Rapid Arrow for 75 € extra and save :

Surfboard Package
74.99 € 149.99 €
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