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Moin Moin

a rough wind is blowing in my home Bremerhaven on the North Sea coast. It's time to use the wind and let it carry you.
Where to? We'll see about that. My studies are finished and with 25 years and 7 years of surfing passion in my luggage I now spread out my sails to explore a new part of the world.
If surfing fever has not gripped me in 2012 on the Atlantic coast, then at the latest in my semester abroad 2016 in South Africa.
With Surfganic at my side it is now time to find my way through the world's surf spots next year. Always along the coast, always excited about new adventures, new surf spots and always happy about new encounters and other cultures.
For a certain time, integrate surfing back into everyday life; madness! For six years I let myself be tied to my desk and could only sporadically escape into the sea. To be enchanted by the noise of this blue, wet friend and to feel the sand between my toes. It's been a long time. Sylt or Scheveningen are just not J-Bay or Algarve, even if both can ignite their very own North Sea charm.
I am looking forward to sandy beaches without plastic, without garbage, without pollution. A dream. Really a dream, because does it still exist?
The last time I walked along the Atlantic coast only 10 minutes along the beach section in Moliets, I could have built my own custom-made surfboard. I found so much plastic garbage.
It's time to change something, to deal with solutions. Everybody can contribute his part and Surfganic makes an important step in the right direction. Ecofriendly surfboards. Ecofriendly Surfsupply. Ecofriendly Friends. That's how it should be.
So let's see what's going on in the world. Let me take you to the surf spots around the globe. Let yourself be impressed and inspired by the impressions of people from other cultures. Let's find solutions together, preserve our beloved sea and explore the approaches of the most different countries. I will document my reports with pictures. See you on the beaches of this world.

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Kai de la Kolumna

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