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Rent an Eco Surfboard

You need a surfboard for your holiday?
No problem!

And so it goes:
1. Choose a board
2. if not in stock 4-6 weeks production time
3. fill in the contact form
4. pick up board or choose shipping option
5. send / return the board immediately after the trip

You like the board and want to buy the surfboard afterwards?
No problem, because if you like the board, the complete rental price will be deducted from your purchase. ( Shipping not included)

Your advantages:
- You can test the board before you buy it
- You can return the board afterwards and test / rent another board for your next holiday.
- You don't need any space for your surfboard at home.
- always up to date

personal informations



Basalt VGX
Kork VGX

 Surfleash +10 €
 Neopren ( wochenabhängig )
 Tailpad Blue + 18 €
 Tailpad Black +18 €
 Tailpad White + 18 €
 Boardsocke + 10 €
 Changing Mat / Dry Bag +10 €
 Finnen + 10 €
 Surfwax + 3 €

Versand DE +50 €

Our conditions for rental surfboards:
The shipping costs have to be paid by the receiver and cannot be deducted from the rental price at board purchase. The price list for the different boards can be found on our website under Rent a Surfboard.  Furthermore all prices are without guarantee, because misprints cannot always be excluded. After filling out the rental form you will get an offer, which has to be accepted at a certain period of time. If the offer is not accepted within the offer period, it will expire free of charge. The rental boards must be received by us within 1 week after the loan, otherwise the full purchase price will be charged. Exceptions are documented fault of the supplier company. Of course, the rental fee will also be charged here. With return dispatch the proper packing of the board is to be documented (photos) and to be kept up to the release of our side. Damages on the board are to be sealed immediately before the next session with Ducktape. Our dark surfboards must be protected from the sun and not placed in the sun. For delaminations on the board a repair fee can be charged after our inspection. All surfing equipment supplied and invoiced must be returned in full after the rental. If this is not the case, the selling price of the item will be charged. The rental board and accessories are to be handled properly by the customer.
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