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Our Atomic Warrior

is designed to take your fun in small waves to a new level. With a variety of fine-tuning options, it gives you plenty of variety and a variety of riding styles. You demand the looseness and smoothness of a single fin, the characteristics of a twinser, for a bit more grip in the wave with a quad fin setup or with the 1+2 combination as a masked thruster, this shape leaves nothing to be desired. The Diamondtail combines both features of a pin and squaretail. The Atomic Warrior is very agile and gives you a good hold in the wave wall even in larger or faster surfing. The volume, the special bottom contour and the flat rocker line bring you speed in weaker sections without sacrificing a relaxed soul surf style in faster sections. For the smaller to medium sized days a must have in your quiver.

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Buy our Atomic Warrior Surfboard:

Atomic Warrior Basalt I VGX
639.99 €
Atomic Warrior Boost II VGX
739.99 €
Atomic Warrior Kork II VGX
839.99 €
The Atomic Warrior Package for 75 € extra and save :

Surfboard Package
74.99 € 149.99 €
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