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Our Rollercoaster

is a timeless retro shape of the sixties. The characteristics of this shape are best shown at the point break and long-running waves, but also in other waves an absolute highlight, This board stands for pure riding pleasure and fun. A high speed in down-the-line waves and an indescribable board feeling will make your skills explode. Are you looking for a single fin that is very agile, loose and high-speed surfing and demands everything from you? Then there is only one board for you:
Our Rollercoaster

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Buy our Rollercoaster Surfboard:

Rollercoaster Basalt I VGX
649.99 €
Rollercoaster Boost II VGX
749.99 €
Rollercoaster Kork III VGX
849.99 €
The Rollercoaster Package for 75 € extra and save :

Surfboard Package
74.99 € 149.99 €
Our team riders recommend the following Finns:
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