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Our Stingray

is the performance oriented board for small to medium sized waves like you often find in the North Sea. This board convinces with its good volume under the front foot and its extra flat rocker. The Stingray glides very fast and through the squaretail and the vee in the tail it is very agile and easy to gymnastic. A Twin Fin setup supports this again. For slightly larger waves, use the specially made center fin. The bottom has a light flip on the first 6 inches, a vee in the front to get a good entry into the wave and to avoid dipping the nose, despite the very flat rocker. The Double Concave gives the board the agility especially when you surf it rail to rail. The rails are shaped in old hawaiian style and very sharp. These rails allow you to surf this board very precisely and is like a fast train on rails. This board will bring a wide grin to your face even in weak waves. The Stingray can be paddled super, creates speed effortlessly, flies over the weakest sections, is very aggressive in every position and offers you great grip during high speed turns. The perfect toy for the Baltic and North Seas or Ocean on small to medium sized days.

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