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Our Wave Skater

we developed with our team rider Alex Hülsberg. We wanted an agile, fast board that wasn't too long, but had enough volume to get the wave fast. We wanted a shape that would work incredibly well in East and North Sea conditions and be a pure experience in high class conditions. The channel, the vee in the tail and the quad fin setup complement each other perfectly.  The single concave in the nose and under the forefoot give you an indescribable speed. The Double Concave gives you buoyancy and support during high speed turns.
You are looking for a board to cover a wave height of 1-5 feet. A board which is perfectly designed for weak Baltic and North Sea waves and averagely powerful waves? Are you an advanced beginner looking for a shortboard without sacrificing stability and high wave output?
Then our Wave Skater is the right board for you.
Skaty, fun and fast.

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Buy our Wave Skater Surfboard:

Wave Skater Basalt I VGX
629.99 €
Wave Skater Boost II VGX
729.99 €
Wave Skater Kork III VGX
829.99 €
The Wave Skater Package for 75 € extra and save :

Surfboard Package
74.99 € 149.99 €
Our team riders recommend the following Finns:
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