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Bom Dia,

I am Stephan a surfer of pure passion. I have been on the surf trip of my life since June 2016.
At the moment I am changing my life completely, because I can't imagine a life under normal conditions anymore.
My blog Surf & Work is only a part of my new life.
Through the show Traumhaus am Meer gesucht, which was broadcasted on VOX in 2018, completely new possibilities have arisen for me to live my dream at the seaside.
Now I am a freethinker who has managed to build up a life around surfing.
I now live and work in Portugal, where I can polish my surf skills almost every day.
I thank Team Surfganic for welcoming me as a free-your-mind surfer as a new team rider.

Stay tuned and hang loose

eurer Stephan

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