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I am the Jasmine and come from Unna. But here you don't find me so often anymore, because especially in summer I'm drawn to the sea. Even as a little bumm I was allowed to spend almost every holiday at and in the water. No matter if I was pulled behind the motorboat on a boogie board, if we were snorkelling in underwater caves or if I went cliff diving supported by Daddy's loving pushers, I was always wet. And I definitely owe my love for water and endurance to my father.  
During my semester abroad in Portugal this love was rekindled because I learned to surf! And I haven't stopped chasing the waves since. My first board was a mopy 6' shortboard, which I still affectionately call 'Hubi'. He hasn't left my side for a long time and showed me without mercy how surfing works on the west coast of Europe. The best advice I have received this way: Just make it easy! And that is what I did. After numerous surf trips and internships, I completed my surf teacher training in 2016 and have been working at Summersurf in the surf camp every year since then. Meanwhile the Atlantic has become my second home and I long for nothing more than the starry sky, the smell of the sea pines and the sound of the sea in the background.
Nature sports have awakened in me a deep gratitude to Mother Nature. That's why I am active in the areas of animal welfare and environmental protection in addition to surfing. To my animal-friendly & low-plastic way of life I try to create an awareness for today's problems by activism and volunteer work. And so I finally came across Surfganic! How can I produce my surf equipment as environmentally friendly as possible, make sure that it is durable and at the same time get the best performance out of it? That's exactly what Surfganic not only thinks about, but also puts it into practice and constantly develops itself further. I am happy to be a part of this in the future and to let the future of surfing become greener step by step together with Surfganic ;)

Smile more, worry less

eurere Jasmin

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