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Our Vigor

is our high performance small wave board - the surfboard for the performance wall. Radical maneuvers, airs and a lot of spray are the scent marks you leave with this rocket in the line up. The sophisticated underwater hull in combination with the rails make this surfboard a ´´Must have´´ in your quiver.
In a wave height of 1-6 ft our Vigor will show you his teeth and let the spray fly.
Are you looking for a radical, agile shortboard to test your limits?
Then let our Vigor in the water.

Konstruktions Optionen:

Buy our Vigor Shortboard:

Vigor Basalt I VGX
599.99 €
Vigor Boost II VGX
699.99 €
Vigor Kork III VGX
799.99 €
The Vigor Package for 75 € extra and save :

Surfboard Package
74.99 € 149.99 €
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