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Our Trailblazer

has a progressive hybrid contour which is shorter, wider and thicker than an average surfboard, but due to our special tail contour it is in no way inferior to a powerful and performance-oriented shortboard.
The flat outline, the round pintail and the extra volume under the chest allow you an easy entry in small and big waves.
With this shortboard you will significantly increase your wave yield and push your skills.
With Rail to Rail surfing you get your money's worth and the great gliding characteristics give you the pinch of soul surfing factor despite the radical concept.
The Trailblazer is a really fun, fast and lightweight all-round board that gives you the support and speed in larger waves, as well as the paddling power and wave number in smaller waves.
Are you looking for a radical yet forgiving surfboard that works well in all conditions, is extremely skaty and gives you a bit of soul surfing feeling?
Then our Trailblazer will be your first choice in your quiver.

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