Flying Fish


Our FLYING FISH is a high performance surfboard. You are looking for an aggressive small wave board, then this fishboard offers you a lot of performance and a high wave catchability. The sharp-edged rails in the tail give the surfboard a lot of performance and the special bottom contour generates a lot of speed with the extra volume in the nose. The rails are medium shaped with a sharp thin edge in the tail, giving you the feel of a fishboard with the performance of a shortboard.

The medium tail rocker and the deep single concave give you the speed in slow sections and to ride around them with a lot of style. The overall outline allows you to get your money's worth even on slightly bigger days. You'll love the speed, manoeuvrability and agility. This quad beast also works as a twin fin and then inspires with a smooth retro feel. Our FLYING FISH is aggressive and stylish at the same time - an absolute fun machine from intermediate to pro surfer.

Choose this board 2-3 inches shorter than your normal shortboard.

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