Gleitzeit 7´2´´ x 21 1/2 x 2 5/8 - 44,86 l_FREE SGX


Our GLEITZEIT is a minimalibu with that certain something. This surfboard glides super, your wave yield is enormous and you will spend a lot of time on the wave. Your skills will shoot through the roof. The high performance tail gives you a lot of leeway for a great time on the water, even as an advanced surfer. The glide time is not a balanced shape, but a surfboard with a penchant for performance. The tail in combination with the underwater hull in the back of the board allow you to make more radical turns and manoeuvres. The GLEITZEIT is characterised by super easy initiation of turns. This supports you in learning the first turns.

A minimalibu doesn't have to be a boring, lazy surfboard! Our GLEITZEIT is the proof.

Are you looking for a surfboard for beginners with a certain performance? Then this hip minimalibu is your first choice.

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