Vigor 5´8´´ x 20 x 2 1/2_FLEX SGX


Our Vigor is a progressive hybrid shape with a surfboard outline that is slightly shorter, wider, thicker and has a much flatter rocker than a normal shortboard. The special tail contour gives the Vigor a powerful and performance-oriented orientation.

The flat rocker, the slightly wider outline and the extra volume under the chest make it easier for you to get into small and big waves faster. With our all-round shortboard, you will significantly increase your wave yield and thus push your surfing skills.

The tail contour and the bottom contour in the tail area support rail-to-rail surfing. This allows you to generate speed to initiate the next air and manoeuvre.

The Vigor is a fun, fast surfboard for all surf conditions.

Looking for a radical surfboard that works great in all surf conditions? A surfboard that can be skated? Then our Vigor is the first choice in your quiver.

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